Sample Work and Custom Gallery

Please contact me for information on special orders and pricing.  I am happy to work with you to design something special as a gift or just for you!  Please allow a four to six week turnaround for special orders.

Working on a platter

My work tools

Self Portrait platter-13 inches across

Rainbow platter-10 inches across

Red and green platter mandala-13 inches across

Detail of red and green mandala platter

Black and green mandala platter-13 inches across

Detail of black and green mandala platter

Rainbow platter-13 inches across

Rainbow platter detail

Mandala-10 inches across

Mandala bowls

Tulips-13 inches across

Blue fields of flowers

Trailing tulips

Tulip bowl-11 x 3 inches

Dala horse platter new for 2018

Dala horses and elves for Holiday 2018

Utensil holder and bowl

Raven platter-13 inches across

Raven mandala bowl-11x3 inches

Mirrored ravens in mandala-10 inches across

Party Raven-13' platter

Another Party Raven

Skull with Frida Kahlo decals-10 inches across

Skull platter and cups with Frida Kahlo decals

Frida cups-4 1/2 inches tall

Black and white skull-13 inches across

Skull platter-13 inches across

Multicolor skulls-10 inches across

Multiple skull platter-13 inches across

Skull cups-4 1/2 and 3 inches tall

Skull spoon rests

Red skull with birds-10 inch platter

Skull platter-13 inches across

Raven on Skull-13 inch platter

Double Raven and Skull bowl-11 x 3 inches

Place setting

Commissioned work for auction

Commissioned work for auction

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